Zurich Registration Fee

Registration Fee

(For 1 person only)

Before 30 Mar, 2017


30 Mar - 30 Apr, 2017


After 30 Apr, 2017


Academic Author for Presentation / Listening /Poster

US$ 400

US$ 450

US$ 500

Registration for 2 Peoples or 2 Articles

US$ 640

US$ 760

US$ 880

Registration for Co-Author(s) no presentation

US$ 350

US$ 400

US$ 450

Registration for Lunch

US$ 60

US$ 70

US$ 80

Total  proceeding on flash drive, 1 lunch, 4 coffee




The conference dose not responsibility in visa approval please surely before payment in conference and no refunds

after payment please prepare the presentation for 20 minute include Q/A 

 Policy and Condition:The IJBTS / ICTTT / Conference Management reserve the rights to amend, modify, add to, or delete its rules, policies, and procedures affecting its institutional relationsp with authors (contributors) as deemed necessary by the administration. Any such amendment, modification, addition, or deletion shall not be considered a violation of the relationship between IJBTS / ICBTS / Conference Management and authors (contributors). The submission gives The Journal of Business Tourism and Applied Sciences, and Conference Management exclusive rights to publish, copyright, and control reproduction of the manuscript. There is a US$ 400/1900 cancellation fee on cancellations received prior to publication deadline. There will be no refunds on cancellations received after the dead line. If you decide to cancel the publication, you need to cancel it in the next three days. Otherwise you will be responsible for the publication fee and other charges. please online registration and payment online   

*Note: If an attendee (s) does not attend the conference, then the attendee (s) will be liable to pay the journal publication fee 

Please Registration Online and Payment (registration finish with payment complete)

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